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Reviews, comments: “Not everyone could find the nexus between reggae, Blackfoot history & Western culture, but longtime compadre and reggae maven Doug ‘The Midnight Dread’ Wendt has done it with his Ghost Town Sound band’s new album… check out the video! Really enjoyed the confluences of sounds & cultures… fave tracks: “Crow Testament”, “Fingerprints” & “Auditor” … go deh!” -Randall Grass, GM, Shanachie Records

“I am drawn to your haunting music, which is at once ancient and prophetic, nostalgic and futuristic. Deeling’s cover art with its ghost riders is a perfect preface to this creative masterpiece. I totally get ‘Ohtahku’- it’s the magnet that brought me back home to the middle of Montana and infused me with the passion to devote 5 years of my life to stopping a coal plant with its inevitable desecration of this special place. Yours is a powerful message and it deserves a wide audience. Thanks, you two, for creating this special album. In this Ghost Town there are a few who are still awake and appreciative of your extraordinary talents.” -Cheryl Reichert, retired Ohtahku physician

“Damn says Crow! Got your disc today, honored to be on your mail out list. Digging this so much!!! Very original stylee. Bless.” -Marty Dread, ace reggae musician

“That was great. Is that your voice!!! You are the SHIT!!!!!!! Reggae tom waits. We are coming out with our new album soon changing the name to Carlton Pride and Solpride!!!!!!! One love.” -Carlton Pride, deep reggae musician, son of Charley Pride

“influenced heavily by reggae, surf rock, Native American teachings, slam poetry, Montana history, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Gorrilaz and Leonard Cohen. And, those are just the ones that an average listener can pick up. There’s undoubtedly many others that are bubbling under the surface that make this Hodge-podge collection of songs hum… Doug and the rest of Ghost Town Sound — Jimmy Foot, Doug Sternberg, Steve Powell along with Marc and Cat Wendt, do their best to respect the source material and let it stand on it’s own merits. And while these are quite enjoyable, my favorite track has to be ‘Auditor,’ which essentially is a tribute to my hometown, Butte, America… This album works best when Wendt and company are tapping into that lore that comes across as a little eerie, odd and interesting. It’s a bold move…” -Jake Sorich, Big Sky State Buzz (entire lengthy review here: http://www.bigskystatebuzz.com/review/)

“The sound-track of our lives – Great Falls is the Ghost Town, and The Sound is the name the Blackfoot Indians gave to our locale, before the White Men came…. Some claim it’s the Falls, themselves. Others that it is something different – some spirit that lives here. Also known as the Vortex, and that before Malmstrom AFB was here …” -Paul Stephens, great gadfly and “free-lance intellectual” (according to the Great Falls Tribune)

Post from Midnight Raver blog, November 2, 2014:


Midnight Raver contributor Doug Wendt’s first official Ghost Town Sound video is here around Day of the Dead time filled with ghosts, spirits, and duppys flying in on its wake, trusting no shadows after dark. Listen and watch “Ohtahku” for some mysterious dancing shadows in the week Doug Wendt and his band’s debut recording GHOST TOWN SOUND is released on Midnight Dread Records. “It was a mysterious and unique sound only known to this place… Ohtahku, the ghost town sound…”

GHOST TOWN SOUND includes many songs with Montana references in a unique blend of western, native, reggae, and dub poetry styles. An image from Deeling Gregory’s painting “Mystic Traveler” is the CD’s cover. Another of her series of large scale Ghost Town Sound paintings “Spirits Grazing” also serves as the album’s artwork. It was recorded at Bongo Boy, Hollow Bone, and Tuff Gong Studios in California, Idaho, England, and Jamaica.

The track listing includes several compositions with lyrics by Doug including “Ohtahku”, “Vision Quest USA”, “Auditor”, “Empty Town”, and “American Ghost Town”, the latter song a new version produced by Steve Marshall of his Lee Perry CD’s title selection THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM. A track provided by Indigenous Resistance entitled “Crow Testament” came from a Steven Stanley remix at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, JA. Other highlights include “ND Waza Bat” performed & written by original landlord Keith Secola from the wide-ranging ‘Great Native American Songbook’ as well as Neil Young’s “Boxcar” and Bob Dylan’s “Tiny Montgomery”. Players include Daniel Orlick’s Posse (C-Dub), Jimmy Foot (Reggae Jackson & The Rhyth-O-Matics), Doug Sternberg (Jah Provide), Marc Wendt (Lumanation), Steve Powell, Stevie Culture, Catherine-Rose Wendt, Doug and many others.

Ghost Town Sound has performed at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, Machinery Row, Alley Galleria, The Summer Music Series, and Sound of the Falls Fest in Montana, as well as Ashkenaz and the World One Festival in California and other such events in The Rockies and beyond. Beautiful first edition hard copies are available from Worldbeat, P.O.Box 536, Black Eagle, MT 59414 USA, $15 postpaid. It is a GROUND SOURCED production, currently not available for downpressor load. Please PayPal support in any amount to wendtworld@hotmail.com. Give thanks.

Know your origins Ohtahku! Twilight is coming. Back weh. Duppy Conqueror’s forward in control.

www.deeling.com www.catwendt.com www.midnightdread.com


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