Veteran world music DJ extraordinaire and top world beat journalist Jonathan E has just received the official GHOST TOWN SOUND release and provided us with his review. Jonathan wrote an outstanding One World Beat column for BAM magazine when the scene was burgeoning in the Bay Area. He also was one of the first to coin the phrase ‘World Beat’ to describe world music. Thanks E! Doug Wendt’s WB logo by Pat Ryan:


“Ghost Town Sound is a gas. I’m enjoying it greatly. An impressive achievement bringing together a creative mix of styles for an original sound. In particular, I am impressed by the sly lyrical sense of strongly pointed political insight and subversive expression. This is a mash-up of traditional with current progressive sounds that rhythmically and sonically mixes boldly. You might call it global dub boogie with a brain — and a sense of humor. It’s what Lee Perry might make if he went to Nashville in the right frame of mind with something new to chant. — Don’t worry, Scratch. I’ll bet Ghost Town Sound would be happy to have you sit in. — A triumph for Doug Wendt, the longtime Midnight Dread, and Rhyth-o-matic maestro Jimmy Foot.” -Jonathan E (Evelegh)


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near St. Mary Lake, Glacier Waterton International Peace Park, Montana April 17, 2015

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many more details on the Ghost Town Sound blog

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DC Gregory Remix Painting of Doug & Hawk at the Paris Gibson Park Bandshell by The Missouri River during The DJs of Relativity series where and when Ghost Town Sound began

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2015 Ralph J. Gleason Award recipient Doug Wendt’s response to the Rex Foundation’s honor. Ghost Town Sound’s recent video now embedded on their site:


see entire Rex Foundation post with Ghost Town Sound video

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Montana’s Arts & Entertainment Monthly freely distributed through-out the state / March 2015
Back cover review by Mariss McTucker (click to enlarge):


Ghost Town Sound is only available as a beautiful hard copy CD by mail order at this time. Please send $15 or more in support of this project to Worldbeat, P.O. Box 536, Black Eagle, MT 59414 or PayPal funds to for immediate shipment. Thank-you.

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gone ghostly postal photo in MT by Chuck Gremp
gone ghostly – first Dr. office and Mine Watcher’s cabin – MT photo by Chuck Gremp


Montana Public Radio’s Open Mic program with host T.C. Hirsch (30 minutes) interviewing Doug Wendt on the new GHOST TOWN SOUND album featuring “Vision Quest USA” and “ND Waza Bat” as aired on KGPR

More Ghost Town Sound radio shows & interviews


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The excellent Steve Marshall produced, composed, and played track “American Ghost Town” with lyrics and vocals by Doug off the Ghost Town Sound CD, leads off this completely brilliant February 2015 radio program. I and I got to go through I gatekeeper to access all options in I and I rhythm care system:

Reggae MD Gatekeeper radiogram via Midnight Dread by Midnightdread on Mixcloud

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Duppy had a fantastic phone call from the man who’s “been spurring the words wild across the open range of the page and calling it ‘Poetry’ for 40 years” Master Word Slinger Paul Zarzyski. Local resident Paul was part of the Ghost Town Sound official debut in Ohtahku in 2009 at Alley Galleria (photo above). He called to say how much he loves the Ghost Town Sound debut album through and through and said it “sets a new bar for Spoken Word.” He especially loves “Vision Quest USA” and “Summmer Is Comin'”, the CD’s opening and closing songs. Thanks Paul. Your books and music CDs are among the world’s finest. He’s got a new collection of unique prose that prances and uplifts called “Steering With My Knees”. A musical CD of the same name is rounding the bend. He’ll be at the 31st (Paul’s 29th) National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada January 26th-31st. No one slings words like Zarzyski.


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