These Ghost Town Sound songs were recorded at the Dorothy Gopher Memorial Round Dance held October 3rd, 2009 in The Family Living Center at Montana Expo Park, Ohtahku. They include “Ohtahku”, and “American Ghost Town,” as well as Native American MC Gary Fox’s playful comments. Photos from that Round Dance and two others are featured in the selections as are Doug Wendt’s 1969 film of Montana ghost towns and various collage videos plus pictures from Ghost Town Sound’s June 5th, 2009 appearance at Alley Galleria. Scenes from First Peoples’ Buffalo Jump and Ohtahku are also highlighted. Vocals & lyrics by Doug. Additional sounds provided by Coyotemon, Daniel Orlick, Lion Zion, Scratch, & The Band With No Name. “Buffalo Holocaust” is only available on the Ghost Town Sound Video Sessions dvd which also includes the “Ohtahku” demo version (spelled “Otahku”). Special thanks to ‘Junior’ Slim John and the entire Gopher family.

Ghost Town Sound “Ohtahku – Live at the Round Dance”

Ghost Town Sound “American Ghost Town – Live at the Round Dance”

Gary Fox “Live at the Round Dance”